Am 04.01.2017 um 14:54 schrieb Steve Hay:
On 4 January 2017 at 13:27, Rainer Jung <> wrote:
Hi there,

this commit broke compatibility for mod_perl 2.0.10 with perl before version
5.14. AFAIK API function mg_free_type() used here was only introduced in
5.14.0. Since the above commit was titled "Add support for Perl 5.22.x.", it
might be possible to fix this using a version dependent code path. But I
don't know enough about these internals to suggest an appropriate patch,

Thanks for the report.

Are you in a position to try the attached patch, which I think should
be sufficient to fix it? (mg_free() removes magic of all types, but I
wouldn't expect any magic other than the type targetted by the
mg_free_type() call to be present anyway.)

If not then I'll build a 5.14 and try it myself, but I don't have one
to hand at the moment.

Wow, thanks for the quick patch suggestion. Yes I can test, e.g. using perl 5.10.1 on RHEL6. Any specific test scenario, that you would suggest so that the code path in question is triggered?



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