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I’m writing to let you know about an exciting event coming to the Chicago
area: The Apache Roadshow Chicago.  It will be held May 13th and 14th at
three bars in the Logan Square neighborhood (Revolution Brewing, The
Native, and the Radler).

There will be six tracks:


   Apache in Adtech:  Tell us how Apache works in your advertising stack

   Apache in Fintech: Tell us how Apache works in your finance/insurance

   Apache in Startups: Tell us how you’re using Apache in your startup

   Diversity in Apache: How do we increase and encourage diversity in
   Apache and tech fields overall?

   Made in Chicago: Apache related things made by people in Chicago that
   don’t fall into other buckets

   Project Shark Tank: Do you want more developers or users for your Apache
   project? Come here and pitch it!

This is an exciting chance to learn about how Apache Projects are in use in
production around Chicago, how business users make the decision to use
Apache projects, to learn about exciting new projects that want help from
developers like you, and how/why to increase diversity in tech and IT.

If you have any use cases of Apache products in Adtech, Fintech, or
Startups; if you represent a minority working in tech and have perspectives
to share, if you live in the Chicagoland area and want to highlight some
work you’ve done on an Apache project, or if you want to get other people
excited to come work on your project, then please submit a CFP before the
deadline on February 15th!

Tickets to the Apache Roadshow Chicago are $100; speakers will get a
complimentary ticket.

We’re looking forward to reading your submissions and seeing you there on
May 13-14!


Trevor Grant



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