Please download, test, and report back on this mod_perl 2.0.11 release

MD5  = 417823274b32e5ca8759cf3760ad1591
SHA1 = e47c72337e6766c403d0a76b59d3808625e5162b

Major changes in this release are as follows:

Fix use-after-free segfault in ap_server_config_defines seen on
start-up on OpenBSD. [Found/fixed by Sam Vaughan/Joe Orton]

Fix build with Perls earlier than 5.13.6. [Rainer Jung

Fix filter/in_bbs_inject_header.t test failure with Apache 2.4.25+.
[Stefan Fritsch <>]

Fix apache/read.t test failure with Apache 2.4.25+. [Niko Tyni

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