-=| Damyan Ivanov, 25.09.2019 23:06:56 +0300 |=-
> -=| Steve Hay, 25.09.2019 08:34:07 +0100 |=-
> > What happens if you revert the change in that file? I.e. Change
> > FINFO_NAME back to FINFO_NORM on line 168, and on line 18 (the
> > APR::Const -compile line)? Does that fix it for you?
> With these two lines reverted, all tests pass for me.

Out of interest I also tried using "FINFO_NAME | FINFO_NORM" on line 
168 and the test failed with the same error. It appears that 
FINFO_NAME triggers it.

Tracing this in APR, the error seems to come from 
file_io/unix/filestat.c¹ where the valid flags on line 73 don't 
include APR_FINFO_NAME. This kind of makes sense, because the stat(2) 
struct lacks information about the file name.

 ¹ https://sources.debian.org/src/apr/1.6.5-1/file_io/unix/filestat.c/

-- Damyan

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