+1 on gentoo with 2.4.41 prefork on perl 5.28.0

I still see the bbs tests failing as they have been. I started to look into it a bit, and see what you're talking about with the ENV switch to 'turn off LWP', but ran out of time. It kind of looked like when LWP was on, that the value of the header wasn't getting sent, but there seems to be a lot of magic going on in those tests in general, that i didn't have time to understand. It seemed like that test should be fixable though.


On 9/26/19 1:17 PM, Steve Hay wrote:
Please download, test, and report back on this mod_perl 2.0.11 release


MD5  = dd6f7918fc492be21868a9774b2e58c5
SHA1 = e4af2eaabb40962cd7e5566e5ee3342090413b30

Changes since RC2 are as follows:

Fix t/api/request_rec.t failures [Steve Hay]

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