Please download, test, and report back on this mod_perl 2.0.12 release

mod_perl-2.0.12-rc1.tar.gz: 50CF6B06 6BAFF225 78F3BB77 7695F6CC 142D1F68
                            8E085067 A055EB2B B58425D3

mod_perl-2.0.12-rc1.tar.gz: 320DDC4C 896F68BE C50C54D5 03179D81 B6FFB889
                            C66BB568 FD5976F4 BD1224BE 617B2DFB E78D6DF0
                            AC8F9474 93730DD1 763A2A50 E594D407 B36336E4

Major changes in this release are as follows:

Fix detection of APR's threading support on RHEL 8. [Petr Písař

Fix build for perl >= 5.33.7. [Leon Timmermans <>]

Fix SIGSEGV crash due to wrong use of perl_parse(). [Charles Pigott

Improve installation instructions for AIX. [Rainer Tammer

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