In preparation for an upcoming release of mod_perl to support Perl
5.38.0, I am making a new release of Apache-Reload.

Please download, test, and report back on this Apache-Reload 0.14
release candidate.

MD5  = 53a2201f98d05b9868581b730d2032c3
SHA256 = 38fcc0234e9db91624b5bc704ffe93928aa3f1d044bcc26f4839787b21123769

Major changes in this release are as follows:

Fix unnecessary FAIL reports on CPAN Testers by checking for mod_perl
or mod_perl2.
[Andreas Koenig <>, CPAN RT#34316; Steve Hay]

Fix spelling error.
[<>, CPAN RT#127004]

Fix Makefile.PL when Apache::Test is not present.
[Nigel Gregoire, CPAN RT#113778]

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