Please download, test, and report back on this mod_perl 2.0.13 release

mod_perl-2.0.13-rc1.tar.gz: EC72BC99 EC01DAE5 BEB1DC8F 2F3807CB A4A9BF4D
                            D492E846 858DABC0 EEA8E6B7

mod_perl-2.0.13-rc1.tar.gz: 15EA2E30 B5BE0B76 7E49FC46 20F93AA0 FF4E9EBA
                            03E7EDFD 64166223 5C1E652B B3C1CB69 CB60DF33
                            C64121C5 C74F3ABB A9ACDB6B 19E9B19A 46790DFE

Major changes in this release are as follows:

Use get_server_banner() instead of deprecated get_server_version() in
Apache2::Status.  [Petr Písař <]

Avoid generating APR precompiled headers. [Sam James <>]

Fix build for perl >= 5.37.1. [Jitka Plesnikova <>]

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