Thomas D'Silva created PHOENIX-3295:

             Summary: Remove 
                 Key: PHOENIX-3295
             Project: Phoenix
          Issue Type: Improvement
            Reporter: Thomas D'Silva

ReplaceArrayColumnWithKeyValueColumnExpressionVisitor is only used in one place 
in IndexUtil.generateIndexData because we use a ValueGetter to get the value of 
the data table column using the original data table column reference. This is 
also why ArrayColumnExpression needs to keep track of the original key value 
column expression. 
If we don't replace the array column expression with the original column 
expression when it looks up the column by the qualifier it won't find it. 

ValueGetter valueGetter = new ValueGetter() {
                        public byte[] getRowKey() {
                                return dataMutation.getRow();
                        public ImmutableBytesWritable 
getLatestValue(ColumnReference ref) {
                            // Always return null for our empty key value, as 
this will cause the index
                            // maintainer to always treat this Put as a new row.
                            if (isEmptyKeyValue(table, ref)) {
                                return null;
                            byte[] family = ref.getFamily();
                            byte[] qualifier = ref.getQualifier();
                            RowMutationState rowMutationState = 
                            PColumn column = null;
                            try {
                                column = 
                            } catch (ColumnNotFoundException e) {
                            } catch (ColumnFamilyNotFoundException e) {
                            if (rowMutationState!=null && column!=null) {
                                byte[] value = 
                                ImmutableBytesPtr ptr = new ImmutableBytesPtr();
                                ptr.set(value==null ? ByteUtil.EMPTY_BYTE_ARRAY 
: value);
column, ptr);
                                return ptr;
                            return null;

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