Hello Fellow Phoenix'ers,

The first RC for Apache Phoenix 4.8.1 is available. This is a patch release for 
the Phoenix 4.8 release line,
compatible with Apache HBase 0.98, 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2.

This release fixes the following 43 issues:
    [PHOENIX-1367] - VIEW derived from another VIEW doesn't use parent VIEW 
    [PHOENIX-3195] - Slight safety improvement for using DistinctPrefixFilter
    [PHOENIX-3228] - Index tables should not be configured with a 
custom/smaller MAX_FILESIZE
    [PHOENIX-930] - duplicated columns cause query exception and drop table 
    [PHOENIX-1647] - Correctly return that Phoenix supports schema name 
references in DatabaseMetaData
    [PHOENIX-2336] - Queries with small case column-names return empty 
result-set when working with Spark Datasource Plugin
    [PHOENIX-2474] - Cannot round to a negative precision (to the left of the 
    [PHOENIX-2641] - Implicit wildcard in LIKE predicate search pattern
    [PHOENIX-2645] - Wildcard characters do not match newline characters
    [PHOENIX-2853] - Delete Immutable rows from View does not work if immutable 
index(secondary index) exists
    [PHOENIX-2944] - DATE Comparison Broken
    [PHOENIX-2946] - Projected comparison between date and timestamp columns 
always returns true
    [PHOENIX-2995] - Write performance severely degrades with large number of 
    [PHOENIX-3046] - NOT LIKE with wildcard unexpectedly returns results
    [PHOENIX-3054] - Counting zero null rows returns an empty result set
    [PHOENIX-3072] - Deadlock on region opening with secondary index recovery
    [PHOENIX-3148] - Reduce size of PTable so that more tables can be cached in 
the metada cache.
    [PHOENIX-3162] - TableNotFoundException might be thrown when an index 
dropped while upserting.
    [PHOENIX-3164] - PhoenixConnection leak in PQS with security enabled
    [PHOENIX-3170] - Remove the futuretask from the list if 
StaleRegionBoundaryCacheException is thrown while initializing the scanners
    [PHOENIX-3175] - Unnecessary UGI proxy user impersonation check
    [PHOENIX-3185] - Error: ERROR 514 (42892): A duplicate column name was 
detected in the object definition or ALTER TABLE statement. 
columnName=TEST_TABLE.C1 (state=42892,code=514)
    [PHOENIX-3189] - HBase/ZooKeeper connection leaks when providing 
principal/keytab in JDBC url
    [PHOENIX-3203] - Tenant cache lookup in Global Cache fails in certain 
    [PHOENIX-3207] - Fix compilation failure on 4.8-HBase-1.2, 4.8-HBase-1.1 
and 4.8-HBase-1.0 branches after PHOENIX-3148
    [PHOENIX-3210] - Exception trying to cast Double to BigDecimal in 
    [PHOENIX-3223] - Add hadoop classpath to PQS classpath
    [PHOENIX-3230] - Upgrade code running concurrently on different JVMs could 
make clients unusuable
    [PHOENIX-3237] - Automatic rebuild of disabled index will fail if indexes 
of two tables are disabled at the same time
    [PHOENIX-3246] - U+2002 (En Space) not handled as whitespace in grammar
    [PHOENIX-3260] - MetadataRegionObserver.postOpen() can prevent region 
server from shutting down for a long duration
    [PHOENIX-3268] - Upgrade to Tephra 0.9.0
    [PHOENIX-3280] - Automatic attempt to rebuild all disabled index
    [PHOENIX-3291] - Do not throw return value of Throwables#propagate call
    [PHOENIX-3307] - Backward compatibility fails for tables with index (4.7.0 
client - 4.8.1 server)
    [PHOENIX-3323] - make_rc script fails to build the RC
    [PHOENIX-2785] - Do not store NULLs for immutable tables
    [PHOENIX-3081] - MIsleading exception on async stats update after major 
    [PHOENIX-3116] - Support incompatible HBase 1.1.5 and HBase 1.2.2
    [PHOENIX-808] - Create snapshot of SYSTEM.CATALOG prior to upgrade and 
restore on any failure
    [PHOENIX-2990] - Ensure documentation on "time/date" datatypes/functions 
acknowledge lack of JDBC compliance
    [PHOENIX-2991] - Add missing documentation for functions
    [PHOENIX-3255] - Increase test coverage for TIMESTAMP

(the release notes are also available here: 

The release includes both a source-only release and a convenience binary 
release for each supported HBase version.

The source tarball for supported HBase versions, including signatures, digests, 
etc can be found at:

The binary artifacts for supported HBase versions can be found at:

Both artifacts are signed with my "CODE SIGNING KEY": C7CFE328

KEYS file available here: https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/phoenix/KEYS

The hashes and tags to be voted upon:




Vote will be open until, Tue, Sep 27th (inclusive). Please inspect the 
tarballs, poke around,
check the signatures, install and run your favorite workloads, etc. Then please 

[ ] +1 approve
[ ] +0 no opinion
[ ] -1 disapprove (and reason why)

Your friendly release manager & The Apache Phoenix Team

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