Sergey Soldatov created PHOENIX-4687:

             Summary: index ScannerBuilder builds filter list not compatible 
with HBase 1.4
                 Key: PHOENIX-4687
             Project: Phoenix
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Sergey Soldatov

This is related to IndexMetadataIT#testMutableTableOnlyHasPrimaryKeyIndex 
failure on the master branch. 
in ScannerBuilder we are building the list of filters for indexes:
1. columns filter
2. timestamp filter
3. delete tracker

Later to produce the scanner we are running a kv scanner with this filter and 
returns EmptyScanner or CoveredDeleteScanner basing on the result. 
In case if columns list is empty, the behavior of the filter's 
filterAllRemaining()  has been changed.
In 1.3 it returns true, in 1.4 it returns false and let FilterList to proceed 
to the next filter.  As the result instead of getting EmptyScanner we are 
building CoveredDeleteScanner. 

We may unify the case and in case of an empty list of columns we may explicitly 
return EmptyScanner. Easy patch, but want some confirmation that getting an 
empty column list in this method is by design and root cause is not somewhere 

FYI [~rajeshbabu], [~elserj], [~jamestaylor]

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