Github user JamesRTaylor commented on the issue:
    Thanks for the updates, @ChinmaySKulkarni. Looks like you still need to 
rebase it. Also, one test that would be really valuable would be to:
    * disable auto upgrade
    * run execute upgrade
    * make some change to the HBase metadata of SYSTEM.CATALOG through  ALTER 
TABLE or direct HBase API call (for example, set VERSIONS to some value).
    * connect a client that create a new ConnectionQueryServices instance to be 
created(see UpdateCacheAcrossDifferentClientsIT for how to do that)
    * ensure that the metadata change to SYSTEM.CATALOG is not undone.
    * do the same with auto upgrade enabled (which might cause the change to be 
reverted which is ok - this is more for making sure we understand this flow in 
both cases)
    This test will ensure that when this hits production, if we have auto 
upgrade disabled, we can make manual changes to the SYSTEM.CATALOG.


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