Github user twdsilva commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -3642,30 +3596,62 @@ private void dropIndexes(PTable table, Region 
region, List<ImmutableBytesPtr> in
                 boolean isCoveredColumn = 
                 // If index requires this column for its pk, then drop it
                 if (isColumnIndexed) {
    -                // Since we're dropping the index, lock it to ensure
    -                // that a change in index state doesn't
    -                // occur while we're dropping it.
    -                acquireLock(region, indexKey, locks);
                     // Drop the index table. The doDropTable will expand
                     // this to all of the table rows and invalidate the
                     // index table
    -                additionalTableMetaData.add(new Delete(indexKey, 
    +                Delete delete = new Delete(indexKey, clientTimeStamp);
                     byte[] linkKey =
schemaName, tableName, index
    -                // Drop the link between the data table and the
    +                // Drop the link between the parent table and the
                     // index table
    -                additionalTableMetaData.add(new Delete(linkKey, 
    -                doDropTable(indexKey, tenantId, 
index.getSchemaName().getBytes(), index
    -                        .getTableName().getBytes(), tableName, 
    -                    additionalTableMetaData, invalidateList, locks, 
tableNamesToDelete, sharedTablesToDelete, false, clientVersion);
    -                invalidateList.add(new ImmutableBytesPtr(indexKey));
    +                Delete linkDelete = new Delete(linkKey, clientTimeStamp);
    +                List<Mutation> tableMetaData = 
    +                Delete tableDelete = delete;
    +                tableMetaData.add(tableDelete);
    +                tableMetaData.add(linkDelete);
    +                // if the index is not present on the current region make 
an rpc to drop it
    --- End diff --
    This is to handle dropping indexes on views. We could drop a column on a 
base table which is used by an index on view which could be on a separate 


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