Github user joshelser commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: phoenix-queryserver/src/it/bin/ ---
    @@ -0,0 +1,59 @@
    +#/usr/bin/env bash
    +set -u
    +set -x
    +set -e
    +function cleanup {
    +    set +e
    +    set +u
    +    kdestroy
    +    pushd ${PY_ENV_PATH}/bin
    +    . deactivate ""
    +    popd
    +    rm -rf $PY_ENV_PATH
    +trap cleanup EXIT
    +PY_ENV_PATH=$( mktemp -d )
    +conda create -y -p $PY_ENV_PATH || virtualenv $PY_ENV_PATH
    +pushd ${PY_ENV_PATH}/bin
    +# conda activate does stuff with unbound variables :(
    +set +u
    +. activate ""
    +set -u
    +pip install -e file:///${LOCAL_PY}/requests-kerberos
    +pip install -e file:///${LOCAL_PY}/phoenixdb-module
    +export KRB5_CONFIG=$KRB5_CFG_FILE
    +cat $KRB5_CONFIG
    +export KRB5_TRACE=/dev/stdout
    +#echo "RUNNING KINIT"
    +kinit -kt $KEYTAB_LOC $PRINC
    --- End diff --
    > I just tried on the command line and MAC OS (Heimdal) kinit does not 
require a directory
    Yeah, convention is to use `${tmpdir}/krb5cc_$(current-user uid)`.
    > pass the when executing python or just continue running in the same 
shell, which is why I stopped attempts to make ny further reductions to the 
shell script
    Oh right, I forgot they would bash the environment. Let's just let this be 
for now. Will be easier to come back to it later.


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