Satish Subhashrao Saley created PIG-5364:

             Summary: Using && in EL expressions in oozie bundle.xml files 
generates parse errors
                 Key: PIG-5364
             Project: Pig
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Satish Subhashrao Saley
            Assignee: Satish Subhashrao Saley

[]reported -

I need to put a logical AND into an expression in an oozie bundle (in the 
enabled flag on the coordinator). When I try "{{A && B}}", oozie gives me a 
perfectly understandable error about this being invalid XML ({{XML schema 
error, The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity 
reference.}}). But when I try to replace this with an XML entity ({{A && B}}), 
I get an unexpected error that seems to indicate that a space (or something 
else) is getting injected unexpectedly into my expression:
Bundle Job submission Error: [E1004: Expression language evaluation error, 
Encountered "&", expected one of ["}", ".", ">", "gt", "<", "lt", "==", "eq", 
"<=", "le", ">=", "ge", "!=", "ne", "[", "+", "-", "*", "/", "div", "%", "mod", 
"and", "&&", "or", "||", ":", "(", "?"]]
Any idea how I can get the expression "A && B" to be parsed correctly in an 
oozie bundle.xml file?

It turned out to be a bug in Oozie. 

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