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PIG-5380    SortedDataBag hitting ConcurrentModificationException or producing 
incorrect output in a corner-case 
PIG-5377    Move supportsParallelWriteToStoreLocation from StoreFunc to 
PIG-5369    Add llap-client dependency
PIG-5360    Pig sets working directory of input file systems causes exception 
PIG-5338    Prevent deep copy of DataBag into Jython List
PIG-5323    Implement LastInputStreamingOptimizer in Tez
PIG-5273    _SUCCESS file should be created at the end of the job
PIG-5256    Bytecode generation for POFilter and POForeach
PIG-5160 is not thread safe, cause PigServer thrown 
NPE in multithread env
PIG-5115    Builtin AvroStorage generates incorrect avro schema when the same 
pig field name appears in the alias
PIG-5106    Optimize when mapreduce.input.fileinputformat.input.dir.recursive 
set to true
PIG-5081    Can not run pig on spark source code distribution
PIG-5080    Support store alias as spark table
PIG-5057    IndexOutOfBoundsException when pig reducer processOnePackageOutput
PIG-5029    Optimize sort case when data is skewed
PIG-4926    Modify the content of start.xml for spark mode
PIG-4913    Reduce jython function initiation during compilation
PIG-4849    pig on tez will cause tez-ui to crash,because the content from 
timeline server is too long. 
PIG-4750    REPLACE_MULTI should compile Pattern once and reuse it
PIG-4684    Exception should be changed to warning when job diagnostics cannot 
be fetched
PIG-4656    Improve String serialization and comparator performance in 
PIG-4598    Allow user defined plan optimizer rules
PIG-4551    Partition filter is not pushed down in case of SPLIT
PIG-4539    New PigUnit
PIG-4515    org.apache.pig.builtin.Distinct throws ClassCastException
PIG-4373    Implement PIG-3861 in Tez
PIG-4323    PackageConverter hanging in Spark
PIG-4313    StackOverflowError in LIMIT operation on Spark
PIG-4002    Disable combiner when map-side aggregation is used
PIG-3952    PigStorage accepts '-tagSplit' to return full split information
PIG-3911    Define unique fields with @OutputSchema
PIG-3877    Getting Geo Latitude/Longitude from Address Lines
PIG-3873    Geo distance calculation using Haversine
PIG-3668    COR built-in function when atleast one of the coefficient values is 
PIG-3587    add functionality for rolling over dates
PIG-1804    Alow Jython function to implement Algebraic and/or Accumulator 

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