Roger Whitcomb created PIVOT-1027:

             Summary: Add an @UnsupportedOperation annotation that can be used 
to mark methods that always throw UnsupportedOperationException when called
                 Key: PIVOT-1027
             Project: Pivot
          Issue Type: Improvement
          Components: core
            Reporter: Roger Whitcomb
            Assignee: Roger Whitcomb

This can be used to annotate (primarily in Javadoc) those methods, presumable 
defined by an interface so they must be implemented, but which make no sense in 
the specific implementation.  There are numerous examples, but a few should 
 * NumericSpinnerData has a fixed range of values specified by the lower and 
upper bounds, so the "remove(...)", "clear()", "add(...)", or "update(...)" 
methods of the List<T> interface don't apply.
 * Various iterators backed by other lists (such as VisibleNodeIterator of 
TerraTreeViewSkin) doesn't support the "remove(...)" method for whatever 
reason, even though it is specified in the Iterator interface.
 * TabButton (part of TerraTabPaneSkin) is a subclass of Button, but many 
methods are unsupported because of its unique structure (such as "setTriState", 
"setButtonData", etc.)
 * ImageNode (one of the unique children of TextPane) always holds a single 
image, so the "insertRange" and "removeRange" methods make no sense.

Note: this annotation does nothing, and is not retained at runtime, and really 
should be in the Java language (see 
[] for instance), but it makes 
documentation of unsupported operations a bit clearer at no real cost.

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