--- Comment #2 from Dominik Stadler <> ---
Unfortunately your proposed simple fix of clearing ms causes other tests to
fail, e.g. this one:

assertEquals("57:07.2", dfUS.formatRawCellContents(.123, -1, "mm:ss.0;@"));

A unit-test to verify your bug is:

    public void testBug60031() {
        // 23-08-2016 08:51:01 which is 42605.368761574071 as double will be
        // with format "yyyy-dd-MM HH:mm:ss" into "2016-23-51 08:51:01".
        DataFormatter dfUS = new DataFormatter(Locale.US);
        assertEquals("2016-23-08 08:51:01",
dfUS.formatRawCellContents(42605.368761574071, -1, "yyyy-dd-MM HH:mm:ss"));

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