--- Comment #8 from Tim Allison <> ---
This file has two _VBA_PROJECT_CUR directories; both have Sheet1, Sheet2 and
Sheet3 and thisWorkbook.  The _VBA_PROJECT_CUR under MDB00082648 has only empty
(zero-byte) Sheet1, etc.; whereas the _VBA_PROJECT_CUR under root has
meaningful content.

We are keying only off the name of the stream (e.g. "Sheet2") in our module
map.  This means that we're overwriting (or skipping) the other "Sheet2".

For now, I propose checking if the module.buf is null.  If it is, then we
expect an offset and we can read go about reading it.

Longer term, we might consider a way to prevent overwriting/skipping of streams
with the same module name?

Perhaps this is what is meant by "TODO Refactor this to fetch dir then do the

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