--- Comment #2 from Tim Allison <> ---
The macros are stored in a POIFS within an ExOleObjStg within the "PowerPoint
Document".  Brilliant!!! 

If you add this to the end of buildRecords() in HSLFSlideShowImpl:

        for (Record r : _records) {
            if (r.getRecordType() == 4113) {
                ExOleObjStg exOleObjStg = (ExOleObjStg) r;
                try {
                    NPOIFSFileSystem npoifs = new
                    VBAMacroReader reader = new VBAMacroReader(npoifs);
                } catch (IOException e) {


The macros are correctly read.

Recommendations for the least smelly way to extract these?  Unlike the other
document formats, this requires a full parse of the document, we can't just
pass in the parent POIFs.

Add a getMacros() to HSLFSlideShowImpl for now?

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