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Hello again,
I did HOTFIX this problem for my usecase, however i think that this still
should be adressed since it is a bug after all.
The Hotfix is made by before reading in anything from the Workbook, i do parse
every Formula Cell and replace the "0,00" to a "0.00" so the FormulaEvaluator
can operate as intended.


 * @author l.dag
 * searches Each Sheet, Row and Cell for Formulas with "0,00"(=German standard)
and replaces with "0.00"(=US standard)
public static void repairFormulas(final Workbook wb) {
  wb.sheetIterator().forEachRemaining(sheet ->
IntStream.range(sheet.getFirstRowNum(), sheet.getLastRowNum()).filter(i ->
  .flatMap(r -> IntStream.range(r.getFirstCellNum(),
r.getLastCellNum()).filter(i -> r.getCell(i)!=null).mapToObj(r::getCell))
  .filter(c -> Cell.CELL_TYPE_FORMULA == c.getCellType() &&
c.getCellFormula().contains("\"0,00\"")).forEach(c ->
c.setCellFormula(c.getCellFormula().replace("\"0,00\"", "\"0.00\""))));

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