I know we said that 4.0.0 will start using semantic versioning, but we never 
really discussed release schedules. It was mentioned, but no one ever said yea 
or nay. Are we all still trying to digest what semantic versioning means to 
POI? This still has a feeling of flying by the seat of our pants.

As I see it there are a few options:
1. Use semver project wide with a single version number, with minor releases 
whenever we feel it is necessary, and major releases whenever we feel it is 
necessary to break compatibility for something. Break fix support only for 
current release.

2. Use semver project in a scheduled manner with predictable periodic minor and 
major releases. Support for current release only.

3. Same as #2 with additional bug fix support for a predictable long term 
support release.

4. Repackage to CORE, SS, WP, etc with each package having an independent beta 
version number until it is deemed stable (for now I would call CORE and SS 
stable, and everything else beta). Then use option 1, 2, or 3 above.

I personally would prefer #4 with option 1 or 3. Shifting to POI 4.0 will 
signal that we are doing something different, and would be easier to sell, but 
more work to complete. Or maybe 4.0 is the shift to semver, and 5.0 could be 
repackaging if we want to go down that path, but the reason for repackaging in 
this way is to allow for drawing and WP and Visio API's to remain designated as 
beta and thus allow breaking changes until we get to a stable state. It would 
also give us a built in way to add more pieces if desired and not have the user 
confuse a new package as stable because it has a stable version number. The 
reason to repackage now rather than wait till a future major release is that 
some packages would shift from stable to beta version numbers. I see that as 
potentially confusing.

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It's over 5 months since the POI 3.17 release.
I'm wondering if we should be thinking about about releasing 4.0.0.
Is there anything that is in progress that we should consider waiting for?

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