Hi Niclas,

I would like to help with documenting library-rest-server.
I am user of it, but not exactly in current form, so I would like to hear where 
you see it evolve.
One change I did is I have removed interactive mode (xhtml) as for non 
interactive clients it adds too much overhead to generate all resource details 
with each GET.
I have tried first to make it optional as I enjoyed simple UI to system for 
free, but failed.
Also there are some parts where I am not sure when or how should be used, ie. 


> On Mar 5, 2018, at 3:42 AM, Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have put the library-restlet into my own application and discovered a few
> detrimental flaws in its principal design. Primarily that login will alter
> the "view" of links available, and it is simply not resolvable to my
> satisfaction. The solution I made in that library assumes too much of a
> CRUD view and it is bad design.
> Instead, I have taken more look at library-rest-server, coming from Rickard
> and the Streamflow project. I think it has better fundamentals, but is
> lacking some of the finesse in library-restlet. BUT, I think that is
> fixable, so I want to start documenting Rickard's work and try to bring in
> the features that I think is necessary.
> One really cute aspect of library-rest-server is that it can respond with
> xhtml, directly renderable, not particularly nicely but quite an assist to
> work out the links during design.
> WDYAT? Is it ok to dump the library-restlet ?
> Cheers
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