sebb wrote on 10/15/16 4:09 PM:
> There are quite a few PRs that have been outstanding for a while now.
> Apart from PR56, there has been no pushback, so I think it would be
> good to start applying them to master.
> Does anyone else want to do them?
> If not, any objections if I start doing so?

Do we have a test suite, to ensure existing behavior isn't broken?

Ponymail at the current time serves two communities: the ASF as a whole
for the live lists.a.o service, and the handful of outside parties who
currently run their own archives using ponymail code.  So the key
question is for the short term: will your (unreviewed but no complaints)
PR likely break one of these clients in an un-obvious way, or in a way
that you wouldn't be able to help fix?

>From the ASF side, we'll detect issues quickly, so anything besides a
real privacy leak or a wrong data error is not that big a deal - just a
hassle for whoever gets to fix it.  Personally, I'm all for making
progress on any non-architecture level code changes, so from the ASF
side, I'm happy for sebb to go ahead.

Question: do outside users auto-deploy from master, or do they only pull
code when we declare a release or otherwise suggest it?  Understanding
that would help us understand how careful we need to be with unreviewed

- Shane

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