This is the vote for 0.10.0 of Apache PredictionIO (incubating).

The vote will run for at least 72 hours and will close on Sept 24th, 2016.

RC3 adds on top of RC2 with proper licenses and notices embedded in the
Maven artifacts. It also changes the license of the documentation from
Creative Commons to APLv2.

The release candidate artifacts can be downloaded here:

Maven artifacts are built from the release candidate artifacts above, and
are provided as convenience for testing with engine templates. The Maven
artifacts are provided at the Maven staging repo here:

All JIRAs completed for this release are tagged with 'FixVersion = 0.10.0'.
You can view them here:

The artifacts have been signed with Key : 8BF4ABEB

Please vote accordingly:

[ ] +1, accept RC as the official 0.10.0 release
[ ] -1, do not accept RC as the official 0.10.0 release because...

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