It seems some commits doesn't have a valid committer name. It's not cool.

I couldn't find any official rules but some (most?) projects require to use
your email address as a committer when you push commits. We should probably
do this. IIRC, you can set the address at GitHub Settings - Email - Primary
email address, and it need to be public.

Look at the second commit. The commit is made by  GitHub <

$ git log --pretty=full

commit d2ab2b599210dff5d2551a3cab875a8d7ef4a3a0 (HEAD -> master,
Author: Luc Perkins <>
Commit: Masakazu Kitajo <>

    Add link checker and fix broken links (#647)

    * add htmltest link checker setup steps and fix a few links

    * add license header to new script

    * add license header to htmltest YAML config file

    * fix Makefile and some broken links

commit 2b63573eea220a8710a93d87f451188e0f253b22
Author: Matteo Merli <>
Commit: GitHub <>

    Build website using the current user rather than root (#652)

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