As you have surely noticed already, all the github notifications are being
sent to
this mailing list (
This results in a big amount of mails sent to the list (one for each
comment made on issues or PRs and also when commits are pushed to the PRs).

I would propose to use a different mailing list for these notification, in
order to
split the "real" discussions on the dev list from the noise of the

Most people are already receiving notifications from github anyway, and you
always subscribe to both lists and receive the same messages as now.

The question would be which mailing list should we be using for that?
 * ? This is already existing and
mostly unused (just SVN dist commits notifications are sent here)
 * or create a new list, like or ?

I think that, from the ASF perspective, this shouldn't pose any problem,
since the primary object is to archive these messages in an ASF list, not
necessarily dev@.
Mentors, please comment on this aspect.


Matteo Merli

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