I was trying to do a review of the Tiered Storage PIP (which is cool) , and
I have comments.

But the proposal is in a gdoc, which is nice and convenient, but not a
permanent entity which will remain (as its a personal doc).

I like the convenience it provides where comments can be made on sections,
lines. highlighted phrases etc.  And I wanted to see how we can get that
ease, with the tools we have at our disposal.

I propose that we create a PIP directory in the repo, and submit all PIPS
as a PR. That way we can address comments to the proposal pointedly to the
right line/section/code snippet etc. instead of cutting and pasting and
nesting 10 level deep in emails

It will keep the discussion   public, convenient, archived, maintain history,
and will be mailed out (with github notifications).

What do you all say?


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