Gregor Berginc created PROTON-1532:

             Summary: Undefined method "plain" for SASL in Ruby binding
                 Key: PROTON-1532
             Project: Qpid Proton
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: ruby-binding
         Environment: Centos, Ubuntu
            Reporter: Gregor Berginc
            Assignee: Alan Conway

When I try to connect to an AMQP endpoint using the URL of the form 
amqp://user:password@host:port, I get an error about a missing "plain" method. 
This occurs in [this 
 This error can be reproduced simply using the following code

2.3.3 :001 > require "qpid_proton"
 => true 
2.3.3 :002 > transport =
 => #<Qpid::Proton::Transport:0x00000002754548 
@proton_wrapper=#<Qpid::Proton::Transport:0x00000002754548 ...>>> 
2.3.3 :003 > sasl = transport.sasl
 => #<Qpid::Proton::SASL:0x00000002748518 
@impl=#<SWIG::TYPE_p_pn_sasl_t:0x000000027484f0 @__swigtype__="_p_pn_sasl_t">> 
2.3.3 :004 > sasl.plain('', '')
NoMethodError: undefined method `plain' for 
from (irb):4
from /usr/share/rvm/rubies/ruby-2.3.3/bin/irb:11:in `<main>'

I have tried in Ubuntu 16.04 installing Proton via system packages and gem 
0.10.1 from Rubygems as well as in Centos 7, following the source code install 

I wonder if this method should be exposed by Swig somehow? Python binding does 
not use it in that way, but it does set the username and password on the 

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