Github user k-wall commented on the issue:
    Hello Olivier
    Thanks for the contribution.  It is much appreciated.
    I am not too uncomfortable with the idea of special casing of the state 
behaviour for this one type of VirtualHostNode.
    I think in the long term, in general parent objects should have some way to 
react to the state of the their child, but I think this would want to be done 
within the common mechanics of AbstractConfiguredObject rather than applied 
piecemeal.   It would be useful to be able to apply different rules - for 
instance a virtualhost might be considered critical whereas a 
BrokerSyslogLogger not.   This would be a larger piece of work.
    I am looking for another way to solve your problem.   Looking at 
`BrokerImpl#performActivation`, it currently checks the immediate decedents of 
the Broker if `broker.failStartupWithErroredChild` is set.   We could alter 
this code so it can either check immediate descendants or the state of the 
entire tree.  If the code had that ability would your use case by answered?


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