Kim van der Riet created DISPATCH-939:

             Summary: Router aborts transfer, closes connection with error on 
QIT amqp_large_contnet_test
                 Key: DISPATCH-939
             Project: Qpid Dispatch
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Kim van der Riet
         Attachments: dispatch.multiframe.06.pcapng, qdrouterd.conf

The Qpid Interop Test large content test repeatedly fails when run against a 
single-node dispatch router (dispatch config file attached).

The test that reproduces this most readily but without too much length is the 
python -m qpid_interop_test.amqp_large_content_test --include-shim ProtonCpp 
--include-type list
WARNING: Rhea Javascript shims not found
Test Broker: qpid-dispatch-router v.1.0.0 on <platform not found>

test_list_ProtonCpp->ProtonCpp (__main__.ListTestCase) ... ERROR

ERROR: test_list_ProtonCpp->ProtonCpp (__main__.ListTestCase)
Traceback (most recent call last):
 line 196, in inner_test_method
 line 121, in run_test
raise InteropTestError('Receive shim \'%s\':\n%s' % (receive_shim.NAME, 
InteropTestError: Receive shim 'ProtonCpp':
amqp_large_content_test receiver error: receiver read failure

Ran 1 test in 0.801s

FAILED (errors=1)
The router left the following message:
SERVER (info) Connection from ::1:57020 (to ::1:amqp) failed: 
amqp:connection:framing-error connection aborted{noformat}
The attached capture file shows a typical observable sequence of events on the 
wire that lead up to the failure. The test that created this error consists of 
4 messages:
 # A 1MB message consisting of a list containing a single 1MB string 
(delivery-id 0);
 # A 1MB message consisting of a list containing 16 64kB strings (delivery-id 
 # A 10MB message consisting of a list containing a single 10MB string 
(delivery-id 2);
 # A 10MB message consisting of a list containing 16 655MB strings (delivery-id 

The following is a summary of what transpires:
 * *Frame 1527:* The sender completes sending the last message (delivery-id 3) 
to the router, and closes the connection (without waiting for dispositions). At 
this point, the receiver is in the process of being sent message-id 2.
 * *Frame 1539:* Last transfer for message-id 2.
 * *Frame 1545 - 1598:* Message-id 3 starts being sent to receiver
 * *Frame 1600:* Dispatch router returns close to sender (initiated in frame 
1527). No errors or arguments.
 * *Frame 1605:* Receiver sends flow, disposition for delivery-id 2 (completed 
in frame 1539).
 * *Frame 1607 - 1618:* Continue to send message with delivery-id 3 to receiver.
 * *Frame 1619:* Transfer aborted. A transfer performative with more=False, 
Settled=True, Aborted=True.
 * *Frame 1622:* Close sent from Dispatch to Receiver with Condition: 
{{amqp:connection:framing-error}}, Description: {{connection aborted}}.

All instances of this error have occurred between dispatch router and the 
receiver once the sender has closed its connection.


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