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I believe that Qpid Team members requested an access to TCK earlier in order to test compatibility of Qpid JMS clients with JMS specs. We  added maven module [1] to run TCK tests against Qpid Broker-J. Though, TCK is not part of Qprid Broker-J project and it has to be provided externally. The TCK bundles need to be downloaded separately and the path to the TCK folder needs to be specified to the maven build as JVM property. Both TCK tests for JMS 1.1 and JMS 2.0 can be run. However, currently, only older Oracle proprietary TCKs are supported due to hard-coded paths to the dependency jars.

In order to run TCK tests with new Jakarta EE bundle, the maven profile settings needs to be amended. I will change that later.

So, in general, I would like to continue running TCK tests with Qpid JMS clients and  Qpid Broker-J using Jakarta EE bundle. If Jakarta EE compatible logo is required to add to Qpid Project, I suppose, we can add it.

There is no such requirement. The Jakarta EE compatible logo is something Qpid can choose to use - or not - as they wish. There is no requirement to use the logo if you run the TCK.

Do you know whether there are any plans to release TCK bundles into maven repository?

I don't.

I suppose that JMS 1.1 TCK is not supported by Jakarta EE and if I still want to run JMS 1.1 TCK I need to use Oracle provided bundle.

Correct. None of the history of Java EE was imported into Jakarta EE - just the current state of the point Java EE 8 was released - so it isn't possible to re-create any earlier versions.

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