Thanks for bringing this up for discussion, Marc. 

If you have any questions about Avatica (which is part of the Calcite project, 
but may be spun off as a top-level project at some point in the future), I and 
Josh Elser will be happy to answer them.


> On Apr 20, 2017, at 9:03 AM, Marc Spehlmann <> wrote:
> I have a PR out for a CLI which interfaces with the network over gRPC [1].
> Julian recommended using a package called Avantica which wraps over a
> standard JDBC+ODBC drivers and takes care the protocol.
> The question I have for /dev is if we have a need right now for a standard
> driver. I could see a use case being that for demoing QS and trying to find
> users, it would be valuable.
> Does anyone have comments about how to do interaction with QS?
> --Marc
> [1]

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