On 7/27/10 11:17 PM, Eli Barzilay wrote:
The release announcement sketch that I have so far is below.  Please
send edits or (changes in order) if you see anything.

* Changes (as part of 5.0) in the `racket' language compared to the
   `scheme' language include constructor-style printing, a `struct'
   alternative to `define-struct' that fits more naturally with
   `match' and constructor-style printing, bytecode-dependency
   management via SHA-1 hashes instead of just timestamps, and a
   reorganization of `scheme/foriegn' into `ffi/unsafe' and
   associated libraries.


* The core type system of Typed Racket has been substantially
   revised.  In particular, Typed Racket can now follow significantly
   more sophisticated reasoning about the relationships between
   predicates.  Additionally, Typed Racket now allows variable arity
   types in more places, allowing programmers to specify
   variable-arity lists.

substantially, significantly, sophisticated

Weasel words.

* Typed Racket now provides a type-based optimizer that is activated
   when the code starts with `#:optimize'.  It can improve the
   performance of many operations such as list, vector and struct
   accesses and is especially useful for floating-point intensive
   programs (which can get faster by a factor of 3).  This is feature
   is still being developed, and it will become the default behavior
   in the near future.

This is feature is...

* The `generator' from `racket/generator' is requires to have this
   form: (generator () body ...), due to a planned extension where a
   generator will accept arguments.

is requires

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