On Aug 26, 2010, at 5:23 PM, Shriram Krishnamurthi wrote:

> I know Guillaume proposed to do it in the context of the editor.  I'm
> unconvinced that that's the right way to go.  At any rate, integrating
> into an existing bit of infrastructure (def'ns or inter's) is going to
> be much more complex than an "off-line" prototype that people can
> critique.  So we should do that regardless.
> You and Kathy raise good and interesting points.  This tells me that
> there is not yet a good answer to *where* the stepper should run.  I
> believe this is quite separable from *how* the stepper runs, ie, how
> it displays the sequence of expressions.  Since I feel that is
> currently the biggest problem with it, it seems wise that we focus on
> the latter for now.  Once we make some real progress on that
> high-order bit, we can see what percolates up.
> Do others agree that this is the high-order bit?  If not (and perhaps
> even if so), can you articulate why?

I do agree.  Your original message seemed to be entirely focused on the *where* 
question, which I think is why it's what we've all been discussing.


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