Jay, Your DrDr error resembles Robby's past problem below.

I capture STDOUT and STDERROR during compile so I'm curious to how these problems arise.

My only guess is that a debug printf got introduced into collects/setup or collects/compiler

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Subject:        Re: parallel build error
Date:   Fri, 17 Sep 2010 11:27:12 -0500
From:   Robby Findler <ro...@eecs.northwestern.edu>
To:     Kevin Tew <t...@cs.utah.edu>
CC:     Matthew Flatt <mfl...@cs.utah.edu>, Eli Barzilay <e...@barzilay.org>

I had a printf in there. Maybe that screwed things up?

This was a version from a few days ago, I think. After removing the
printf and getting the latest, the problem is gone.

Sorry for the noise.


On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 11:21 AM, Kevin Tew<t...@cs.utah.edu>  wrote:
 I haven't changed anything, did the info format change?
 It looks like info information is bleeding into the list of files to be

 I'll keep looking.


 On 09/17/2010 09:51 AM, Robby Findler wrote:

 Is this a bug in the parallel build support?

 raco setup: --- parallel build using 8 processor cores ---
 match: no matching clause for (list (list (cc '(#<path:at-exp>
 #<path:lang>) #<path:/Users/robby/git/plt/collects/at-exp/lang>
 "at-exp/lang" #<procedure:info>    #<path:/Users/robby/git/plt/collects>
 '((lib "at-exp" ...

   === context ===
 /Users/robby/git/plt/collects/racket/match/runtime.rkt:19:0: match:error
 /Users/robby/git/plt/collects/setup/setup-unit.rkt:604:17: thunk
 /Users/robby/git/plt/collects/setup/setup-go.rkt: [running body]
 /Users/robby/git/plt/collects/raco/main.rkt: [running body]


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