This article from TidBITS

describes the launch of the new Mac App Store.  It's clearly Apple's intention 
to make this the primary way of distributing software on the Mac, and it 
wouldn't surprise me to see not-so-subtle barriers to non-app-store app 
installation going up soon.

And, while I'm sure Apple would cheerfully grind us all into a paste if it 
would produce a significant one-time bump to the cash flow sheet, I don't think 
this is necessarily a terrible thing for DrRacket. Um, although I'm not coming 
up with any good side to this right now.

Anyhow, I wouldn't be surprised if in the next few years users start asking why 
DrRacket isn't available through the App store.

I would search to see whether other IDE's are part of the App Store, but... I 
don't think you can browse it until you install the App Store. And I think 
there's something about getting a required tattoo, also.

John (sorry, that was in poor taste)
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