i have to synchronize the log levels of a racket logger and an external logging system. Therefore i need the information what the highest logging level of a logger is to already discard any messages in the external system that have no
Because there is, as far as i know, no possibility to get a notification whenever the internal accepted level changes i have to synchronize pretty often. This is currently only possible by cycling through all levels and check via log-level?
which is cumbersome and, at least for my needs, too slow.
Would it be possible to add a function that returns the current maximum level of a logger? The needed information is already stored in Scheme_Logger::want_level but there is no accessor. The following addition (excl. function registration)
to error.c would do the job:

static Scheme_Object *
max_log_level(int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
  Scheme_Logger *logger;
  Scheme_Object *result;

  if (!SAME_TYPE(SCHEME_TYPE(argv[0]), scheme_logger_type))
    scheme_wrong_type("max-log-level", "logger", 0, argc, argv);
  logger = (Scheme_Logger *)argv[0];

  if (logger->local_timestamp < *logger->timestamp)

  switch (logger->want_level)
  case SCHEME_LOG_FATAL: result = fatal_symbol; break;
  case SCHEME_LOG_ERROR: result = error_symbol; break;
  case SCHEME_LOG_WARNING: result = warning_symbol; break;
  case SCHEME_LOG_INFO:  result = info_symbol; break;
  case SCHEME_LOG_DEBUG: result = debug_symbol; break;
  default: result = scheme_false;

  return result;

(No patch because i completely messed up with compiled startup and expected primitive
count, even after following instructions in schminc.h :( )

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