My brother has been interested in learning to program, but not super
motivated. I've tried to get him into HtDP 2e, but for him there's too much
reading and not enough doing (and when he comes to the exercises he usually
skips them anyway...). However, he recently started doing some
codecademy<> exercises
and really enjoys it.

It seems like it wouldn't be too hard to turn the "Quick" guide into
something similar by using something like WeScheme. I also know of several
people who have expressed interest in learning to program but definitely
don't have the motivation to go through HtDP. It seems like the codecademy
approach is ideal for those types of people (the people who would like to
dip their feet before diving in).

I don't think I have the know-how to do something like that, but I'd be
willing to help if anyone thinks it's worth tackling at some point.

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