Today (i.e., 3/26/2012) DrRacket version 5.2.1 no longer starts.
Instead, it signals an error on function read-bitmap. This bug
was initially reported by a colleague of mine and then
independently confirmed by me.

Given that the bug only showed today, and it doesn't occur
when we change the current date of the computer, this looks
like some kind of Easter egg that went wrong, probably, related
to prince-kuhio-day.

This is annoying, to say the least, but the most serious effect
is on the credibility of the Racket ecosystem. I've put a lot of
effort in doing research on top of Racket and I tried hard to
convince my colleagues of the usefulness of Racket. However,
it has been increasingly difficult to keep up with its instabilities.

You can guess what my colleagues will say...

António Leitão.

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