>> I'm trying to wrap my head around submodules so I can get it working
>> with Whalesong

I see that the structure of 'mod' has changed a bit to accommodate
submodules; in particular, mod-name can now be a list of symbols vs
just a symbol, comparing:




Is it guaranteed that if mod-name is a list, it's a list of at least
two symbols?

I see the mod-pre-submodules and mod-post-submodules fields in the mod
structure.  Those are the only changes I can see from:

    $ git diff v5.2.1 origin/release zo-structs.rkt

I guess the runtime things I need to be careful about now are the
changed semantics to resolved-module-paths.  Are there other changes I
should pay particular attention to?

Thank you!


Aside: it's times like these where I wish there was an extensive
Racket summary document similar to what Python does with their "What's
New In Python XXX: http://docs.python.org/dev/whatsnew/.  I can read
git diffs, but I'd prefer to read documentation targeted for human
beings.  :)

The release highlights that are currently posted up per Racket release
are insufficient because they are too brief and because they primarily
serve a marketing role rather than a developer role.

In contrast, the document I'd like to see should be a guide that helps
me migrate code.  It should document changes in the runtime behavior
of core library functions, e.g. the change in what resolved module
paths mean is implied by submodules.

I do remember that there used to be a Changelog document that
described the changes per release, but I can't find it from the
racket-lang.org web site.  From my memory, it didn't fulfill this
migration role either.
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