On 11/19/12 8:20 PM, Joe Gibbs Politz wrote:
 > Yeah, that is very nice! (It should begin with "check" not "test"
tho, right?)

Indeed; Jonah was writing w.r.t plai, which uses test.  Should use
check- in rackunit.

I noticed that this also violates, from the rackunit docs:

"Although checks are implemented as macros, which is necessary to grab
source location, they are conceptually functions. This means, for
instance, checks always evaluate their arguments."

I suppose this should go in a separate section of "additional checks" or
some such?

Maybe the right thing to do is make it lightweight to write predicates with match so that you don't even need a separate testing form?

Something like (? P) => (lambda (x) (match x [P true] [_ false]))


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