On 2/22/13 7:05 PM, David Van Horn wrote:
This is a pull request to make racket/scribble make-base-eval more like
racket/sandbox make-evaluator, which was useful to me, but I wasn't sure
if the current design avoided this for some reason.

This should be a backwards compatible change, but I have not tested it.


Actually this only seems to work when run from within DrRacket. The following example works fine from DrRacket, but gives an error from the command line using raco scribble:

namespace-attach-module: a different module with the same name is already in the destination namespace

#lang scribble/manual
@(require scribble/eval)
@(define the-eval
  (make-base-eval #:lang 'racket))

@examples[#:eval the-eval (add1 7)]

It's not at all clear to me how to resolve the problem.


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