Thank you Stephen and Tony for your examples. I found the following private function in db/private/mysql/connection.rkt:

(define (hex-string->bytes s)
  (define (hex-digit->int c)
    (let ([c (char->integer c)])
      (cond [(<= (char->integer #\0) c (char->integer #\9))
             (- c (char->integer #\0))]
            [(<= (char->integer #\a) c (char->integer #\f))
             (+ 10 (- c (char->integer #\a)))]
            [(<= (char->integer #\A) c (char->integer #\F))
             (+ 10 (- c (char->integer #\A)))])))
  (unless (and (string? s) (even? (string-length s))
               (regexp-match? #rx"[0-9a-zA-Z]*" s))
    (raise-type-error 'hex-string->bytes
"string containing an even number of hexadecimal digits" s))
  (let* ([c (quotient (string-length s) 2)]
         [b (make-bytes c)])
    (for ([i (in-range c)])
      (let ([high (hex-digit->int (string-ref s (+ i i)))]
            [low  (hex-digit->int (string-ref s (+ i i 1)))])
        (bytes-set! b i (+ (arithmetic-shift high 4) low))))

Can this function be exported? I'm willing to make a patch with docs and tests - is file/sha1 the right place?


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