i played a bit with the new package system, minimal installs and cross compiling. It works pretty good but i have a few problems and remarks/questions. I start with a fresh yesterdays minimal source (min-racket-, build it (natively for linux) and try to install packages.

(Given in no particular order)

* compiler-lib install fails with the following error
./bin/raco pkg install -i compiler-lib
Resolving "compiler-lib" via http://www.eecs.northwestern.edu/plt/snapshots/20130929-6d4ff30/catalog/
Resolving "compiler-lib" via https://pkg.racket-lang.org
Downloading checksum for compiler-lib
Downloading http://racket-packages.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/pkgs/b824ed762533834659b5f0ee047deafb101acc74/compiler-lib.zip
raco pkg install: package conflicts with existing installed
  package: compiler-lib
  module path: compiler/option

As its needed by racket-doc and similar it blocks install of a lot of packets

* the snapshot catalog seems to be nonexistent
If i browse to http://www.eecs.northwestern.edu/plt/snapshots/20130929-6d4ff30/catalog/, i always get a 404. Is this intended?

* redownload after fail
the package manager seems to download every packet again after a failed install or user interruption. Would it be worth to reuse the once downloaded zips if the checksum is the same (similar to the behavior of apt).

* raco pkg warnings
On every command i get
warning: tool "pkg" registered twice: "pkg" and #<path:/home/hamm_to/tmp/racket/_tmp/racket-> warning: tool "setup" registered twice: "setup" and #<path:/home//hamm_to/tmp/racket/_tmp/racket-> warning: tool "link" registered twice: "link" and #<path:/home/hamm_to/tmp/racket/_tmp/racket->

/home/hamm_to/tmp/racket/_tmp/racket- is the used installation.

* sometimes installations fail without a reason or hangs
./bin/raco pkg install -i xrepl
The following uninstalled packages are listed as dependencies of macro-debugger-text-lib
and they will be installed:
Resolving "parser-tools-lib" via http://www.eecs.northwestern.edu/plt/snapshots/20130929-6d4ff30/catalog/
Resolving "parser-tools-lib" via https://pkg.racket-lang.org
Resolving "parser-tools-lib" via https://planet-compat.racket-lang.org
raco pkg install: cannot find package on catalogs
  package: parser-tools-lib

rerunning the command and it suddenly works.

* monolithic math
currently math is one big package and installing it pulls in nearly everything through the docs. Is it planned to split it into -lib and -doc?

* cross compiling and installing
is it possible to install packages as part of the bootstrap process? the problem i have is that the build machine is a regular linux but the cross compile target is constrained in that it cannot install packages (no internet, no writable discs, ...). But i can't install via raco because racket is compiled for that target it does not run on linux. I can currently work around this by installing a linux racket with same version, installing there and then copying share/, but thats somewhat ugly.

* More verbose require error
If i require something nonexistent i get an exception like
(require fdfsdfsdf)
; readline-input:4:8: collection not found
;   for module path: fdfsdfsdf
;   collection: "fdfsdfsdf"
;   in collection directories:
;    /home/hamm_to/.racket/snapshot/collects
; /volume/USERSTORE/hamm_to/tmp/racket-qnx/linux-racket-
;    /home/hamm_to/.racket/snapshot/collects
; /volume/USERSTORE/hamm_to/tmp/racket-qnx/linux-racket-
;    ... [22 additional linked and package directories]

Is it possible to somehow show these additional 22 entries? Maybe not in the error but from raco?

I know these are a lot of things and some might be obvious or result from misunderstanding or missing something. So thanks for enlightening answers to any of these.

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