Hmmm... so this should be as easy to implement as:

  (use-compiled-file-paths (list (build-path "compiled" (version))))

Right?  Trying it out now.


On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 11:14 AM, Neil Van Dyke <> wrote:

> Dan Liebgold wrote on 01/06/2015 02:00 PM:
>> What is a straightforward way to designate the "compiled" directory to
>> look for zo files in that can be based on the Racket version?  I'd like to
>> have Racket 5.2.1 and 6.1 running in parallel to aid in upgrading our
>> version.
>> Thanks!
> I'd like for this to be the default behavior for Racket.
> One possible way: Insert a directory level between the `compiled`
> directory and its contents, with the directory named with the Racket
> version number with which the code is compiled.  Only that Racket version
> will run that compiled code.
> (When I've been using Racket version A to run a code tree, and then use
> Racket version B with the same code tree, I don't mind waiting for a
> recompile of the code tree, and I'd really prefer it not disturb the code
> compiled with Racket version A.  I also don't mind cluttering disk space
> with compiled code for Racket versions that I no longer use; I can always
> make a script to clean those up.)
> Neil V.

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