We don't have build products handy on a server, but it shouldn't be
difficult to build yourself using Visual Studio 10. I recommend setting
up the command line using "vcvarsall.bat x86_amd64", and then build
from the Git repo using "nmake win32-in-place".

That process will give you debugging information in ".pdb" files, at
least for Racket. It will still build with optimization (so detailed
debugging wouldn't be fun), and there won't be debugging information
for the pre-built graphics and GUI libraries. It might be enough
information to help pinpoint the problem, though.

At Tue, 20 Jan 2015 10:25:04 +0100, Christian Eitner wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm trying to analyze bug 14927, which simply states that I cannot
> save any kind of definitions file from DrRacket on Win7 64. The
> message is "Racket GUI application has stopped working", i.e., the
> windows crash dialog.
> I'm pretty sure the problem is related to my machine only, since on a
> colleague's PC everything works fine.
> So I need a Windows build which I can debug. Is there something on the
> build servers which I could use?
> I could build locally, having both a Visual Studio (10, 12, 13) and a
> Cygwin 64 environment, or even cross-compile on Ubuntu if that was
> easier/possible.
> BTW, how are the provided Windows builds being generated?
> Any hints would be welcome.
> Thanks for your consideration,
> Christian
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