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Hi all,

Over the past few months, more and more subsystems have started logging
at info level as part of regular compilation.

I prefer having PLTSTDERR=info in order to catch log-info that happens
at runtime, and find the compile-time log output quite distracting.

My current workaround is to set

PLTSTDERR="info warning@cm warning@compiler/cm warning@module-prefetch
warning@setup/parallel-build warning@cm-accomplice

but this is quite verbose, and as subsystem log messages come and go
I'll need to keep updating it.

Could one of the following ideas be worth exploring?

 1. Have a superlogger for these (and other?) compile-time-ish loggers,
    so that I could write "info warning@compilation", excluding the
    noise in one fell swoop

 2. Have a phase number associated with logging, so I could say
    "info@0 warning@1", or similar

-- Tony
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