Furthermore, even if the wrappers were shared between functions, untyped code 
would recieved wrapped values, which would render them quite useless.

If it’s not an opaque type, but something like a list, then this works, and the 
untyped code receiving wrapped values isn’t a problem here:
#lang typed/racket
; make Posn parametric
(define-type (Posn A) (List A A))
(provide Posn)
 [make-posn (All (A) A A -> (Posn A))]
 [posn-x (All (A) (Posn A) -> A)]
 [posn-y (All (A) (Posn A) -> A)]
 [real-posn? [(Posn Any) -> Boolean]])
> (define p (make-posn 1 2))
(make-posn #<A6> #<A6>) ; a printf that I put in make-posn from “untyped.rkt"
> p
- : (Listof Positive-Byte) [more precisely: (List Positive-Byte Positive-Byte)]
'(1 2) ; unwrapped
> (posn-x p)
- : Integer [more precisely: Positive-Byte]
> (posn-y p)
- : Integer [more precisely: Positive-Byte]
> (real-posn? p)
- : Boolean

Even though for a short time it's wrapped, it’s unwrapped as soon as make-posn 
returns, and then after that if it flows into untyped code again it’s not 
wrapped and functions like real-posn? work fine.  

But the problem is that if it’s an opaque type then it can’t unwrap it once the 
value is returned from make-posn.

And I don’t think parametric opaque types could solve this unless all posns 
themselves were wrapped with an opaque struct on the typed side, which I guess 
does make sense now that I think about it.  But then you couldn’t do any 
operations on it except those that you use import with require/typed, right?  
Or not?  And what happens if you use cast on one of these things?

On Jan 29, 2015, at 9:25 PM, Alexis King <lexi.lam...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I recently ran into a problem in which opaque types (types imported from 
> untyped code) cannot by parameterized by Typed Racket. I initially 
> encountered this problem in my attempt to port 2htdp/image to TR.
> After some further consideration, I’m interested in adding support to make 
> something like this possible, which would certainly have additional benefits 
> beyond this specific use-case. I’ve outlined my proposal here:
> http://lexi-lambda.github.io/racket-parametric-opaque-types/
> Any feedback, suggestions, or advice would be appreciated, especially from 
> those who are familiar with Typed Racket’s internals.
> Thank you,
> Alexis
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