Thanks for starting the discussion Marton.

Lets add RATIS-219 to the list as well. We should be good to create a new 
release after that.


´╗┐On 06/04/18, 7:29 PM, "Elek, Marton" <> wrote:

    I would like to restart the discussion about a ratis release.
    1. It's hard to find the right time to release as thanks to the 
    continuous testing with hdfs/ozone we always have some minor 
    I would suggest to do a release as soon as possible and do more frequent 
    Currently we have three patches available (and no blocker issues)
    | RATIS-217 | Support timeout for append entry requests(GrpcLogAppender) 
    | ljain     |
    | RATIS-208 | Allow client to specify replication level in a request 
    | k8i6t2009 |
    | RATIS-218 | Optimize heartbeating in Ratis for Grpc protocol 
    | msingh    |
    Do you know if any of them is a must have for a release?
    2. Also I started to document a process to create the release (WIP: see 
    the attachment). Could you please add me to the Ratis project in apache 

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